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Scotchshield and Scotchtint are trademarks of
3M Company

Help prevent forced entry and damage by fortifying existing glass.


Mitigates hazards and provide protection to people and property from flying pieces of shattered glass due to natural disasters or human causes

Increases security and provides added protection against smash and grab burglaries

Provides precious time by helping to deter unwanted individuals from entering your building or home

3M Sun Control Window Films reject up to 79% of the sun’s heat to help keep rooms at more even, moderate temperatures.

Climate Control Window Film is low-E and provides all year comfort by increasing the insulation value of windows.

redirect sunlight from windows deeper into buildings to increase natural light.

Protect surfaces against scratches, gouges and tagging with 3M Anti-Graffiti Film. Vanquish vandals with graffiti protection.

Superior performance through 3M Science.


3M™ Prestige Series Films use non-metallized, multilayer optical film and nanotechnology to achieve what other films simply can’t:


• Enhanced comfort and protection — The spectrally selective films reject up to 97%* of the sun’s heat-producing infrared light, helping keep interiors cooler, reducing the load on cooling systems and saving energy. By blocking 99.9% of UV rays, the films help protect furnishings from the harmful effects of the sun. And according to the Skin Cancer Foundation, window film is one of several recommended safeguards against UV damage.


• Unsurpassed capabilities — What sets Prestige Series Films apart is the precision with which light waves are controlled as they pass through or reflect off of hundreds of layers of film. Compared to other films, the Prestige Series Films increase their performance at a faster rate as the sun’s angle increases. That means greater protection and comfort when you need it the most. When the sun is working its hardest, so is 3M’sPrestige Series.


• Enhanced views and aesthetics — Films that reject heat tend to have high reflectivity. Not with Prestige Series Films. These films are optically clear and can offer reflectivity that’s in some cases lower than glass. That means the same visual clarity, inside and out.


• No corrosion. No signal interference. Being non-metallic, Prestige Series Films aren’t susceptible to corrosion in coastal environments. They also don’t interfere with electronic device signals.

Take associations and recommeded by from

Reject the heat while letting the light in. Save on cooling costs.

Control the sun-glare and make your space more comfortable to the eye.

Maintain appearance while reflecting interior and exterior light.

Corrosion-free films that help extend the life of furnishings by reducing harmful UV rays.

There’s no denying the aesthetic value glass windows and
doors give a home or commercial building. But is glass really
the best defense for your family, co-workers and personal
property when danger looms outside?

3M™ Scotchshield™ Ultra Safety and Security Window
Film helps hold your glass in place during hurricanes,
tornadoes, severe winds, earthquakes, even bomb blasts
and other explosions. It helps maintain the integrity of a
building’s outer shell to keep wind, rain and flying glass
shards from wreaking havoc inside the building. It also
helps reduce damage and injury from indoor incidents like
children running into or throwing things at glass doors
or windows.
Scotchshield window film also helps deter smash-and-grab
burglars by eliminating their most crucial weapon … time.
Burglars rely on quick and easy access for a successful
break-in. A door or window that slows them down is one
that will probably make them go away.
Bright, sunny days pose threats, too, because UV rays
cause interior fading. All Scotchshield clear or tinted
films substantially reduce fading of your carpets,
upholstery, furnishings and merchandise by blocking out
up to 99% of the sun’s damaging UV rays.

T h i c k e r i s n o t
n e c e s s a r i l y b e t t e r

The general rule is the thicker the film, the stronger the film.
But that’s not always the case. What’s crucial is impact- and
tear-resistance. And 3M’s got the best.

Our patented micro-layered polyester technology helps
Scotchshield films outperform all other films of similar
thickness. In fact, ours is the only 4-mil film that passes
the 400 foot-pound impact level of ANSI Z97.1 Standard*.
That’s because our micro-layered technology makes the
film and glass more flexible, so they absorb some of
the impact and are more likely to stay in the window
frame without breaking. And even if the glass does
break, Scotchshield film helps hold the glass together,
significantly reducing the chance of injury from
flying shards.
Our most durable system in severe conditions is the
3M™ Ultraflex Window System. It combines our
micro-layered Scotchshield film with Dow Corning® 995
structural silicone adhesive, which aggressively bonds the
glass and film to the frame.
Te s t e d a n d re - t e s t e d * *
Scotchshield film is one of the most vigorously tested
window films out there. Windstorms, bomb blasts, flying
objects … we’ve thrown everything we can think of at it
to make sure it not only meets, but exceeds industry
standards for impact- and tear-resistance

Made of an exceptionally tough polyester, 3M™ Scotchshield™
Safety and Security Window Film is secured to the inside of
windows with an aggressive adhesive system. It helps hold
glass together, deterring smash-and-grab burglars and
reducing the chance of glass shards falling or flying out.

K e e p s e v e r y b o d y
c o m f o r t a b l e w h i l e
l o w e r i n g e n e r g y c o s t s

P r e s e r v i n g b e a u t y ,
i n s i d e
a n d o u t

Although its main job is protection,
Scotchshield window film can also help
alleviate “sun control” problems.*
It’s simply inevitable that on sunny days
one side of a building will get sunshine,
the other side shade. That means some
of the building’s tenants can be
uncomfortably hot, while others are
uncomfortably cool. Perhaps a
“thermostat war” ensues, which is hard
on your cooling system and can raise
energy costs. But drawing blinds or
curtains means you need to use more interior lighting,
which drives up costs even more. Some Scotchshield
window films can help by blocking out heat that would
otherwise pass through the window. And that means
comfortable, happy tenants and big savings on
energy bills.
Some Scotchshield films reduce glare, too. So there’s less
eye fatigue for people who normally have to squint and
strain to view TV and computer screens on bright or
sunny days.

Fabrics, wallpaper, natural wood floors and other valuables
will fade when unfiltered sun shines through your windows.
But Scotchshield window films block out most of the sun’s
harmful elements, including up to 99% of UV rays—the
primary cause of fading. So whether you’re protecting fine
art, retail merchandise, carpets, upholstery or other interior
furnishings, 3M window film will help keep it looking good
and lasting longer.
Scotchshield window film keeps the exterior of your building
looking good, too. It gives your building an attractive,
consistent look by hiding the disarray of half-drawn drapes
and blinds, and giving all windows a uniform appearance.
What’s more, it provides a little extra privacy … for a little
extra peace of mind.
And a proprietary, scratch-resistant coating keeps the film
looking good year after year. No special maintenance is
needed—simply clean your windows as you normally would.

No one has more experience with window film than 3M. In
fact, not only did 3M issue the very first patent on window
film in 1966, but today we’re still the only manufacturer
that produces our own raw materials such as polyesters,
adhesives, metals and scratch-resistant coatings. This gives
us the quality control and product consistency other
manufacturers just can’t match

What’s more, we have a core of carefully screened
authorized dealers who are trained by 3M to professionally
install your window film correctly. And 3M window film is
backed by a warranty that covers 100% of materials and
labor.* It’s the most comprehensive warranty you can get.

That, along with 3M’s worldwide reputation as the adhesive
experts, means you can rest assured knowing 3M window
film is safe for your windows, and safe for you.

K e e p i n g Y o u O u t
O f H a r m ’ s W a y

P r o t e c t y o u r s e l f f r o m v i o l e n t
w e a t h e r , v a n d a l i s m a n d u l t r a v i o l e t r a y s

Decorative window and glass films that transform plain glass into aesthetically pleasing appearances.

Maintenance-free, fingerprint-resistant, easy to install and easy to remove films.  Requires no extra hardware or infrastructure.

Apply the film to virtually any glass surface from entrances, doors, windows and partitions to ceilings, balconies stairwells and more.

Add more visual interest and appeal to plain glass surfaces with 3M FASARA Glass Finishes. Made from a durable polyester material with a pressure-sensitive adhesive backing, FASARA glass finishes are quick and easy to apply. They can be used in vertical applications to control both light and privacy through interior glass, including the interior of an outside glass wall. Three designs, identified in this brochure by defined symbols, can also be used on exterior glass. These products can be used in a variety of ways to expand your creative possibilities.

Our decorative glass and window films transform plain glass, capturing the look of cut or texturized glass to an astonishing degree at a fraction of the price. Dusted and Frosted designs provide the look of sandblasted or etched glass, at a fraction of the cost. Easy application: 3M expertise in adhesives ensures you of fast, accurate, beautiful and durable application to a variety of glass substrates. Materials: Constructed from durable and flexible polyester materials. Digital printing on dusted materials offers both customization and personalization options. Dusted and Frosted designs provide the look of sandblasted or etched glass, at a fraction of the cost. Digital printing on these materials provides both customization and personalized design options. These permanent, pressure-sensitive films have a transparent synthetic liner for easy cutting of logos or designs.



The "Blaze" product shift colors in warm tones of cyan/blue/magenta and red/gold color regions of the spectrum where as the "Chill" product shift colors in cool tones of blue/magenta/yellow and gold/blue colored regions of the spectrum. A hard coated surface layer helps resist scratching. The product appears to change color when viewed at various angles. Materials: Constructed from durable and flexible polyester materials. 3M DICHROIC Glass Finishes offer a way to create unique, ever changing color to many interior glass building surfaces.

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